Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones


Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

“Long may she reign.”

As Cersei is the Queen of Seven Kingdom so it’s mandatory to greet this in the honor of her grace.

This article is going to carry the facts and information about Cersei Lannister from both the books and TV series. So let’s start from the very beginning, she’s the daughter of Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock and Lady Joanna Lannister. She’s the Identical Twin of Jamie Lannister. In the books, Cersei and Jamie are so identical that at times it was even impossible for their father to identify which one is who while the show has got them both siblings very different in the looks.

She has been a dominant person since forever. From the books we’ve analyzed that she always wanted to be treated equally to man and have power. During the times of her childhood, Cersei was used to sneak into Jamie’s clothes and imitate him in different lessons. Both of them were very similar till their adulthood only with the puberty, physical differences emerged up.

Putting her nature and character under limelight, Cersei wanted to be obeyed and followed. Power has been all she wanted since forever and the only hurdle was her gender. She has a fierce nature and never forgets anything. She hated Tyrion, her little dwarf brother as she thought that he’s the reason of her mother’s death and her conviction never changed. She had her ways always separate from her husband. This alcoholic lady has a tough and cruel mindset. She has always been clear about what she wants and nothing can distract her which clearly show cases her determination. Cersei is least bothered about reconsidering the consequences of her harsh commitments.

GAME OF THRONES season 6 episode 7

Cersei and Jamie were in intimate relationship since their childhood and according to books their mother knew about it that’s why she started keeping them apart from each other. Her father Tywin Lannister wanted her to be married with Rhaegar but things didn’t go as planned Rhaegar fell in love with Lyanna Stark and ended up marrying Elia Martel. Being the hand of the King, Tywin received many proposals for Cersei but he refused all because he wanted her to marry a Prince who will be the King.

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

Upon The Robert’s Rebellion, Rebort Baratheon became the King after The Mad King was killed and Targaryen Reign was over, Cersei was offered to marry Rebort. Tywin’s wish came to existence that his daughter was the Queen the other way around.

Cersei has always been unlucky in getting love from her spouse, on the very first night of her marriage Robert called her Lyanna, Yes Robert was in love with this Stark girl as well. The books claim that Cersei was never interested in Robert but the TV series showed that she cared about him even after their first boy died but Robert’s lack of interest resulted in making Cersei a cold hearted wife. (Poor Cersei)

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

Shall we talk about her most serious issue? Yes, her three children (Jofferey, Marcella and Tommen) let’s begin with the book provided information: lena headey once bore Robert’s child which she got aborted and she didn’t want to have any of Robert’s child because this could reveal the truth of her three kids which were in reality from Jamie. Baratheons had black hair while Lannisters were blondes this could eventually raise the question to the existence of her already born kids by the people who had no idea about the bitter truth. In contrast to this, TV series manifested that Robert’s child was her first child as well who died after birth which had her heartbroken and Robert’s lack of interest ended up lena headey to proceed with Jamie and she gave birth to his three kids.

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

Cersei-Jamie relationship stayed a secret even after their mother knew about until they went to Winterfell from where the series actually started and Bran Stark caught them in tower in inappropriate condition. Jamie pushed him off the tower and after that Bran couldn’t remember anything. Later, Eddard Stark figured out about their relationship when he was serving as The Hand of The King in King’s Landing. lena headey openly threatened him and embraced her secret relationship confidently. Yes she’s not terrified at all.

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

Soon after this, Robert died and shortly Ned Stark was executed for the treason he never committed. During this time, Rumors about her were everywhere and yet she didn’t give a damn. Even the siege of Blackwater Bay couldn’t stop her from taking bold steps in the protection of her kids. In a little while Tywin prohibited her involovment in the small council and she couldn’t swallow it at all. Her eldest son Jofferey was cruel just like her mother but wasn’t as cunning. His cruelty ended up killing him on his wedding feast which doesn’t really was a moment of grief for lena headey, she was rather furious and wanted vengeance for which she could probably do anything. Her abhorrence for Tyrion grew so strong that now she wanted his head for killing her son.

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

In the meantime, Tommen was enthroned and was married to Margeary Tyrell to continue the political stability between the Crown and Tyrells. She took Margeary as a threat and wanted to avoid his marriage with Loras and she found her way out by the enforcement of the high sparrow in King’s Landing. The plan went against Cersei lannister and she was held as a prisoner under High sparrow for the confession of her sins. Obviously nothing could shatter her, even the walk of atonement couldn’t.

“I have sinned and must atone, must parade my shame before the eyes of every beggar in the city. They think that this will break my pride, that it will make an end to me, but they are wrong.”—Her thoughts before the walk.

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

Woaaaah She’s unbreakable!!

She lost her daughter who was killed on her way back from Dorne and soon on the day of Trail her last living son did suicide when Cersei lannister blew off Sept of Balor in which Tommen lost his wife. It seemed like that she was use to of losing her kids as it didn’t impart any particular emotion on her face.

Well yeah she never forgets! She had her revenge left with Septa Unella:

“I’ll be the last one you’ll see before you die.”

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

She said to Unella when Cersei was under her torture. Yes Cersei lannister was the last one Unella saw and she would have been dreadly killed by The Mountain.

And now we all know that she has finally that power she’s been craving for, yes , Cersei is the queen of seven kingdoms as Qyburn announces,

“I proclaim, Cersei of House Lannister, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, protector of the Seven Kingdoms.”

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

We can already predict that she’ll not be and any different from The Mad King and oh we all can’t even wait that how she’s going to tackle Daenerys with her boisterous orientation.


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