Criticism of Game of Thrones 7.03: “The Justice of the Queen”

Criticism of Game of Thrones 7.03: “The Justice of the Queen”

Before the start of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, the makers promised the fans that the new episodes, now that they are heading for the final, will be clearly tense. The first two episodes made the viewer feel a little bit. With “The Justice of the Queen” make the producers their announcement, however, was now. As a result, incredible things happen without forgetting the character moments.

fire and Ice

The highlight of the series is the fans without a long wait just to the start. The meeting of Jon Snow and Daenerys may not be as harmonious at the beginning as you might as a spectator, but that is precisely why the scene is so worth seeing.

The most exciting conflicts are often those in which both sides have comprehensible arguments on their side. As a viewer, Jon and Daenerys have been acquainted with each other over the past few years, and because of the moral conceptions of the two, an alliance seems to make sense. However, Jon does not know how to do this, so they do not know each other.

In a way, Tyrion represents the viewer, since he knows both rulers and can, therefore, draw similar connections as the people in front of the TV. The consultant of Daenerys does not let loose so that in the end comes a first approximation. Just because Peter Dinklage had little to do in the first two episodes, it was nice to see that the actor in “The Justice of the Queen” moved back into the focus again.

The war around Westeros

While the connection of Jon and Daenerys hopes for a positive development, the warlike activities of the self-proclaimed queen are anything but good. Daenerys broke into Westeros with a great overpower and seemed unstoppable on the paper. The authors of the series spend the seventh season, however, so far, to use their power clearly. Already two allies have been taken by Daenerys, and so slowly one can begin to worry.

After a new setback, the kite is likely to take centre stage, but you could also get a queasy feeling here. Thus, Daenerys persisted in the sequel, almost confidently, that their dragons are irresistible, while Cersei dropped a hint of the exact opposite. If one considers that a group of dragons can be decisive in a fight against a kind of ice creatures and their zombie hordes, it does not seem unlikely that the serial Drogon and his brothers might take the field or at least put them on the bench before the final conflict.

Game of Thrones


The Lannisters on the rise

In contrast to Daenerys, it is extremely good for Cersei and their allies. The Queen on the Iron Throne stood with her back to the wall at the beginning of the season, now she has made several important victories. The revenge on Ellaria also corresponds to the cruelty that could be expected from Cersei. As a spectator, you could have come to the thought that Gregor Clegane could play a role here. After all, the figure drifted all the time in the background. In the end, however, the viewer was spared another rape scene, which made punishment no less brutal.

Also, Olenna Tyrell finds its end in “The Justice of the Queen”, however, the old lady with her head raised and with the last pinstripe goes in the direction of Cersei. The scene between her and Jamie is, however, not just for this reason another highlight of the episode. The attempt by Olenna to convince Jamie of the malice of his sister may fail at first. Somehow, however, you still have the feeling that this continues to struggle with Cerseis decisions.

The new allied Euron, who makes it clear in a short scene with Jamie, that he has no respect for anyone. One must, however, admit that Euron was already very obviously placed as a substitute for Ramsey, while Joffrey was the successor of Joffrey. The makers of Game of Thrones apparently without the obviously sadistic antagonist. Especially against the background, that the series otherwise very strongly try to show their characters as people with different sides, especially Euron has a particular impact.


A strong-looking

In addition to the meeting of Jon and Daenerys, “The Justice of the Queen” offered another emotional encounter. If Arya had first found her way to Winterfell, the visitor from Sansa turned out to be Bran. As a spectator, however, it soon becomes clear to what extent Bran has changed. He seems very remote and now appears full in his new role. However, the two siblings were still looking beautiful, and probably another is not long in coming.


“The Justice of the Queen” offers Game of Thrones at the highest level. The plot is packed with many developments, but the important character moments are not forgotten. Should it continue at this rate in the coming weeks, there will be a lot to the audience.


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