CS: GO – Fan invests $ 61,000 in extremely rare weapons skin

CS: GO – Fan invests $ 61,000 in extremely rare weapons skin

Counter-Strike: Global offensive fan

A Counter-Strike: Global offensive fan has actually spent $ 61,000 on a digital in-game item.Counter-Strike: Global offensive has an extensive fan base, which deals exactly with the weapons skins of the game.

Players trade diligently among themselves and the market is thriving, especially, of course, with the rare weapon embellishments. The reach partly really horrendous prices: Now a fan even proudly have spent $ 61,000 for a very specific skin . This makes trading one of the most expensive ever made with digital goods.The good piece is an extremely rare version of the Dragon Lore skin.

Because she also has an autograph sticker by Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, who has just won with his team the Eleague Major: Boston event by Valve. The already rare skin is also upgraded by the fact that he comes along with a “souvenir” label , which is only available at certain events.

This is what the good piece looks like. Would it be worth $ 61,000?This is what the good piece looks like. Would it be worth $ 61,000?

As if that were not enough, the weapon skin is still in perfect condition . You have to know that the weapon skins in CS: GO also have the factor “wear”, so to speak wear and tear. This special skin here is “brand new”, so it’s easy to spot and it does not look a bit worn. Of course, this clarity of visual presentation of the skin is also extremely rare. The individual stickers can also be scratched, but are untouched here .

With this special skin, everything comes together that can come together like this. We’re probably dealing with one of the rarest CS: GO skins here. To Polygon , the seller explains that he bought the skin for $ 35,000 . If the buyer had not agreed to his claim of $ 61,000, he would have kept the rarity. He was actually not in the game for profit, but just had several times very lucky.

For which digital collectables would you spend so much money?

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