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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Game

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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Game Review

In 2010, one of the more ambitious titles of Wii came out. “Epic Mickey” should be a somewhat darker adventure where you like Mickey Mouse – with a magic paintbrush in hand – would be on adventure.

The paint cost you could dip in paint to repair and help old Disney characters, or use paint dunners to erase them from man’s memory.

We were not overhappy with the result , but there was a clear potential to see in Mickey’s first true adventure for many years. The game was okay, but not spectacular in any way.

In particular, the bad camera was criticized, along with boring medium sequences where you skipped almost at random.

New platforms, same ailments

Now the sequel has come to almost all platforms, but nothing of this has been fixed. That the sequel in almost every way is a worse game than “Epic Mickey” is no less than a scandal for Disney, which has had eight hundred developers in turn for two years on the project.

I also refuse to believe that the legendary Warren Spector, who has produced “Deus Ex”, has contributed to making some of this.

It’s just impossible to sit and shout in interviews that all the issues of the first game are fixed when the game is almost unplayable at times.

Like the predecessor, Mickey must get up in Wasteland, but this time it’s not Mad Doctor who’s the villain – he’s probably been kind and sings a lot (guess what’s going on at the end …!).

A dense earthquake has destroyed much of the country, which you have to help build while trying to get to the bottom of what it caused.

Control trick from the first second

I played the PS3 version first with a regular checker, but after a good hour I had used up my entire vocabulary with ugly words.

I’ve hardly seen such an excessive tire control: You do not directly control the camera with the left-hand stalk, but it looks after a small round on the screen with an absurd death zone in the middle.

If it sounds foolish, I can promise you that it’s worse than most you’ve tried. It is almost impossible to aim correctly and quickly with the paint costs.

And if you only have Xbox 360 you can only forget to play this first and last. Here  must  you settle for the standard controller, and then there is no dear mother.

For better, it’s the time you’re hugging with the Move controller or going for the Wii version where this control is standard. Suddenly it’s all alright (never quite peak) – but then the horrible camera system shines through.

Camera for trouble

“Over 1000 changes have been made with the camera” on the contrary, Spector lies in an interview. What changes are this? The camera is worse than the predecessor, hanging up in walls, spinning around and making life a platform player for a true nightmare.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Game Review

I do not have numbers of how many times I fell down from things or did not get my edges and jumps because the camera was so difficult.

The game is one of those that forces you to play with someone else. Such co-op games are not stupid things, as a rule – but when you play alone, it means a bit too often that you have to drag an extra figure that is controlled by your computer.

In “Epic Mickey 2” the solution is tacky: Rabbit Oswald is stupid as a schoolboy. As a rule, he walks around at random, and very rarely he does as you order.

Because Mikke has a magic paint cost, Oswald has a remote control that shoots power. In some places, he must use this to freeze life in machines so that you can move on, but if it is the data that controls him, you can count bucketly with frustration strikes.

The guy simply does not know what to do. I had to pick up the other controller several times and steer himself, then switch off the lever and go back to control Micke.

Voice plays and song are good

“Epic Mickey” hinted to a game where you as a player could choose how the story unfolded, but Warren Spectors promised a deep and self-chosen Micke adventure rotten when no one of the choices I take has any particular impact on anything.

The story in the game seems to be unchanged the same thing I do, what I choose to whip out or who I help.

Only superficial differences can be seen.

The fun game with the paint cost is also only halfway through. It’s both exciting and fun (like in the one!) To be able to remove things with the paint thinner or build up missing parts of the world with paint. Some special “attacks” are also added, which helps you lift or throw larger objects.

It’s the case’s easy-to-play mindset too. How to cope with a problem is often up to you as a player, and the game has a somewhat open solution that allows you to go wherever you want at any given time.

But exactly what parts of the environment that can be “thrown out” with thinner or painted are disappointingly arranged. You can not remove an entire street, but just spot it. Some light posts can turn away while others tolerate everything. There is generally very little logic behind it all.

The story is also just standard stuff, far below normal Disney level. New this time is that everyone you meet has voices (also in Norwegian!) And they break right as it’s out in song. It’s not as bad as it sounds and I’d actually say that it gives the game a much-needed identity.

Without saving the game.

Kjipe platform sequences

In order to catch up with the fans, something and other absurd Disney facts are thrown out, without feeling it gives me anything.

It’s cos to see a statue of Walt Disney in the game, but how many will realize that the name of the 2D sequences is a nod to Roald Dahl’s involvement in the Gremling characters in the game?

The fact that it refers to specific balloon parades that take place in reality Disney World in Florida are also few that will take too, I would think.

In addition, these 2D platform games are incredibly boring and are used as a shipping ladder between the various areas in which the game consists.

They feel like poor man versions of “Little Big Planet” where the controls (which are made for 3D gaming) do not do anything to help. It’s fun the first time maybe, but then it will be a hurry to move through them every time you want to return to the central area to visit one of the many stores there.

Because you collect incredible amounts of yours and stuff through the game, swapped in movies, trivia, artwork, clothes and hats. I do not feel a big urge to get some of it, to be honest.

Feels like an ancient product

It’s all a little gratifying reminder of the first 3D games on the first PlayStation, as the developers had not completely got control of camera control and three-dimensional navigation.

Crazy bad camera, frustrating controls and partner IQ that makes me furious, pulls that should be a better version of “Epic Mickey” down in the sill.

Yes, yes, both voice cast and charm are approved and so, but when the game mechanics itself do not work – things will not be good.

«Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two» is available for PlayStation 3 (tested), Wii, Xbox 360 and PC. A Wii U version (supporting Wii Remotene) comes to the launch of that console on November 30th.

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