Fortnite: Roadmap published for the next few months

Fortnite: Roadmap published for the next few months

Fortnite: Roadmap published for the next few months

Epic gives neither an update on the state of development by Fortnite. This is about future changes and updates for the popular shooter. For the partly bad server performance and bugs, the developers apologize. With the strong growth of the title the team could not quite keep up and version 2.3.0 was published with substantial errors.

Epic says in a new blog post about the upcoming changes in Fortnite ( buy now for 58.41 € ). But first, the team apologizes for server issues with friend features and login services. It has been impossible to keep pace with Fortnite’s continued growth, Epic said. The Fortnite version 2.3.0 was also published with significant errors. To prevent this from happening, Epic has adapted the future release plans.

Epic has a lot going for the coming months anyway: matchmaking should be improved to allow matches with a more balanced distribution of skill. Furthermore, the loading times of the lobby in the game are shortened and generally a better gaming experience is possible.

New features include team communication outside of the speech chat, the ability to re-emerge from the death screen, the ability to hold down the search button while moving to a corresponding object, an indicator that displays the loaded ammo on the weapon’s widget and a larger map with zoom.

console players can look forward to an optional 60fps mode at the end of this month. So it should give on the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One Xa maximized framerate without noticeable quality losses. Time-limited event modes will be more frequent in the future. Twelve of these modes should appear and be tested in quick succession.

Fortnite: Roadmap published for the next few months

In addition, the developers have again many cosmetic updates in the quiver: For example, a space suit, a Lama Unicorn pickaxe and a dragon glider. All current information about the game can be found on our Topic page about Fortnite.

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