Game of Thrones: Leak to the game of Bethesda is denied

Game of Thrones: Leak to the game of Bethesda is denied: new Game of Thrones game from the RPG developer studio Bethesda. Now, however, the supposed revelation turns out to be invented. 

Recently, there was a rumour that a Game of Thrones game was being developed by the RPG Forge Bethesda. The reason for this was a performance of the title “Bethesda: Game of Thrones” on Target. For many, a game in the setting of the Roman series, especially after the Elder Scrolls games, would be a dream that comes true. But now the disappointment: According to an official statement of a target speaker, the Leak turns out to be wrong:

This is not a genuine product. We apologize for the confusion. ”

Of course, this statement leaves room for interpretation. It could have been just a joke. Especially two things in this performance created scepticism:

There was neither a genuine product presentation or a placeholder for a product page. Leaks from retailers happen because they get information about upcoming products already in front of the press and the public. However, each trader would at least know the official name of the product in advance. For an actual leak, the page would also be too long on the net. Typically, a publisher makes every effort to delete such notices as quickly as possible.

In addition, there is another performance to Rockstar: Game of Thrones, a new game from the Rockstar Studios (GTA series, Red Dead Redemption). It is unlikely that two of the largest developer studios will simultaneously work on “Game of Thrones games” to compete for the release.


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