Game of Thrones: Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner talk about 7.04 “war booty”

Game of Thrones: Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner talk about 7.04 “war booty”

It took six years and five seasons to see the two Stark sisters again. At the end of the first season Arya and Sansa Stark were separated from each other. While Sansa found her way from Kingsmouth via Hohenehr back to Winterfell, Arya marched across the seven royal lands, landed in the house of black and white in Braavos, and also returned to Winterfell by way of detours.

In the fourth episode of the current seventh season, entitled “Kriegsbeute”, the two sisters meet again for the first time. In the interview with the website Entertainment Weekly, the two actresses talked about this scene.

For both, it was hard to turn their reunion into the first common scene. It would have taken several hours before they could play the necessary seriousness. Because the two are close friends, it was difficult for Sophie Turner to find her role.

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“Our first scene was the reunion, and we messed it up so often …” “I was so nervous, I was so scared, it was like acting for his mother.” “

In addition, the makers of the series have once again published a detailed look behind the scenes. Just as after the naval battle in “Sturmtochter”, the video deals extensively with the development of the battle between the Lannister and the Dothraki Horde. Both the performers and film makers will be heard.

As the story of Arya, Sansa and the other characters evolve, the fans learn in the course of the seventh season. Episode 5 will be broadcast on Sky next Monday.





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