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What is it that strikes in the mind of every Game of Thrones addict whenever anyone calls out NO ONE?? HAHA obviously, ARYA STARK! As soon as I got to know the name of the episode I knew that this episode is going to carry something outrageous about ARYA, apparently who’s trying to be NO ONE.

From the preceding episodes we know that Lady Stark have come to realize that she has a long vengeance way to travel with her needle. Game of Thrones: No One started with the ravishing performance of Lady Crane as Cersei which was exactly opposite to the actual character of Cersei still she managed to overwhelm everyone in the audience and after the applause of appreciation in the back stage she finds wounded Arya. She takes her home and took care of her. She offered her to be an actress but evidently Arya had to refuse because she’s far more a warrior and had her plans to travel. Arya goes to sleep as lady crane gives her milk of poppy to drink. Seems like it’s been ages since she would have slept.

Well what’s ahead? Is Arya going to survive? Is that other girl who has no name still behind her? How is she going to play it this time? Well for instance I thought, that girl has come up as Lady Crane, hahahaha..

Switching to the scene where we can see the hound avenging the murder of his fellow sweet villagers.. oh he’s still flawlessly kills people. Well I must say that game of thrones has set standards for us in killing people as well xD

Following this we can see “My very favorite duo” Tyrion and Varys rooming around in the streets of Meereen for analyzing that how is it going after the Tryrion-Master Pact. It seemed to be going quite proficiently. Soon after that we all came to realize that Varys was up to a secret mission. What would it be? Well yeah he’s going to find allies for the Queen in Westeros , smart  eunuch hun???

game of thrones season 7

Qyburn enters into Cersei’s room while telling her that, “Your Grace, seven members of The Faith Militant have been permitted entry to the Red Keep.” Must she be furious about it? duh somebody’s going to die. Well back to the scene, In no time, Cersei and Lancel are facing each other. Lancel commands her on the order of high sparrow to go with them and Yes Cersei refused. She replied that he can come to speak with her in the Red Keep. Lancel forced her to go with him but he didn’t know that nothing can force Cersei to change her mind.  Cersie barely shouts but whatever she says she means it “I chose Violence.” This was her reply to lancel’s threat. Yes she’s fierce. Right after this, the mutated Mountain can be seen brutally killing one of their man and this had terrified the rest, off course.



Okay okay! Now Brienne along with pod has reached Riverrun where she can see the Lannister Siege around the castle of Blackfish and sees Jamie riding among the soldiers, ahh nostalgic for her.  Soon enough Podrick and Bronn reunited that was typical though. Brienne had to negotiate with Jamie before entering the castle where they had some emotional talk(Oh they look so cute). Jamie warmly permitted Brienne to talk to Blackfish where they made a contract that Jamie will give them way back to the Winterfell in return he’ll abandon the castle while warning her that Blackfish is a stubborn which was proven to be right because he didn’t agree even when Brienne forced him in the name of his niece Sansa Stark as he couldn’t leave his home to rescue the home of anyone else. Brienne sadly failed but Blackfish sounded rational.


Covering up the next scene in short: King Tommen had to make an announcement. Cersei was ordered to stand in the gallery by the Hand of The King, such an insult for her. Tommen made a decision that “TRAIL BY COMBAT WILL BE FORBIDDEN” and this is a prominent trouble for Cersei and she knows that she can’t win like this.

game of thrones season 7

Holaaa Meereen! Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei were drinking wine and making jokes when the bells rang. “The Masters have come to take their property,” said Missandei when she and Tyrion saw them ships sailing towards the city. Pact has been violated by The Bitchy Masters.

Swapping to Riverrun, Jamie went to convince Edmure Tully to talk to Blackfish for surrendering the castle and after some serious conversation about how fierce their sisters are in the case of protecting their kids and threaten him about slaughtering every single Tully, he succeeded in persuading him. Upon the command of Edmure (True lord of Riverrun), gates of the castle were held open for Lannister-Frey army. Blackfish helped Brienne and pod to escape while he got killed during the fight (such an honourable man). Well, Edmure’s surrender was a fine decision as he prevented the castle from bloodshed.

Waving (GoodBye) scene of Jamie and Briene was heart-aching. When will they reunite and live happily ever after ???? ohhhhh my personal fantasy. Adding up a good news to this, Queen Daenerys is back to Meereen when the city is under attack while the Hound is now the part of The followers of Lord of the Light squad after killing the rest of village people murderers.

Well now we’ve finally got to talk about Arya, the girl who wanted to kill arya slaughtered lady Crane and now she’s behind Arya. Arya managed to escape and ran. The girl was behind her and arya didn’t gave up even after a brutal fall from stairs and deadly bleeding. Arya directed the girl behind to the room where she had her needle and a burning candle. She did put out the candle because she knew how to defend herself in dark but that girl didn’t, smart though??? Woah..

Now the last scene. Jaqen H’ghar apparently faceless man found blood drops in the house of black and white and followed them. Shortly, he was in the hall where all the faces were kept and got to see the girl’s face who tried to kill Arya. Arya stark was right behind him and she pointed her needle on his chest when he told her that “Finally a girl is No One.” To which she replied, “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I am going home” aahaaa you slay girl…She’s gonna nail it, yeaaah.

This was so unblemished of her… Stay Tuned!!

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