the winds of winter

Our very favorite show GAME OF THRONES never fails to surprise us. The show has always been jaw-dropping interesting and addictive but the winds of winter blew up all of our expectations, predictions and guesses; obviously it had to be a big surprise.
From where to begin? Game of thrones: The winds of winter has left us all speechless and dumbstruck. The winds of winter had the bunches of revenge, revealed realities, astonishing music and victories. Oh this fiction series is hellishly overwhelming.
Game of thrones: The winds of winter started with very light background music while intensifying the running scenario of trial where Loras Tyrell was brought in front of the high sparrow. Yet most of us were waiting that what will be the fate of Cersei after the trial. The music had such an edgy impact on my psyche and I must say, on everyone’s psyche that all of us must have felt as if we were the part of the show.

Cersei’s relaxed mood has been quite suspicious and weird on the other hand Margaery’s restlessness due to Cersei’s absence showed that how well she was award with the mentality of her mother in law. Obviously Cersei had the ways to secure herself and take the revenge of her walk of shame when trial by combat was not in practice anymore.
The fluency of the High septa scene continued when the Measter Pycelle found himself among the kids brainwashed by Qyburn, looking at him with blood in their eyes. Before Pycelle could figure out anything he was being stabbed by them little kids. (sad)

the winds of winter
In the meantime, another Qyburn trained kid had Lancel Lannister behind him without making Lancel realize that he is wandering in the puzzle maze beneath the High Septa where hundreds of wild fire barrels were present. Yes! The same wild fire that Mad King loved….. Alas what’s next ??
As Margeary showed up her real face and before she could convince anyone to leave, the big green wild fire blast takes over the complete high septa in a single big BOOOOOOOOM and the scene successfully almost stopped our breaths…. High sparrow, tyrells and the Hand of the king were gone which gave Cersei a little smirk of satisfaction as she sipped up her wine. OH how can she spare Septa Unella? No she can’t? she took her revenge by leaving her for The (corpse) Mountain…. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

the winds of winter
So many deadly scenes in just a few minutes!!!!!! *phheww*
Game of thrones: The winds of winter had made King Tommen to jumped off from his room with the grief of his loss, which doesn’t really seem to impart any sad emotions on Cersei’s face as she knew that prophecy was working.
Lannisters and Freys are together while Starks managed to take back their home: Winterfell. Sadly, Davos forced Malisandre to leave when he came to know that she burnt princess Shireen. Following a sad scene, there’s an illuminating Jon-Sansa sibling relation where Jon brotherly kissed Sansa’s forehead while telling her that they have to trust each other (awwww)
“Winter is here” she tells to Jon while telling him about the arrival of white raven from citadel. “Well! Father always promised, didn’t he?” Jon continued.

the winds of winter
REVENGE is yet to come: Tyrell-Martell alliance. Ladies from both the houses are cherishing for the retribution for their respective horrible losses. Lady Martell offers Lady Tyrell her heart’s desire, “vengeance, justice” “fire and blood” offers Varys. Seems like they’re going to support Daenerys. Ahh Exciting…

the winds of winter
Here comes the Daenerys part from Game of thrones: The winds of winter, The Queen with a heavy heart told Daario Naharis to stay in Mareen which has offended him much and right after this tyrion is the hand of the Queen, Hurraaah!!
*A little set of good events* Arya Stark avenged the red wedding by killing Walder Frey and his sons, Bran is three eyed raven and he came to know the reality of Jon that he’s a TARGERYEN (wait, what??) while the scene switches on Jon where he has been declared as the KING IN THE NORTH. Well he deserves it 😉

the winds of winter
End of the Game of thrones: The winds of winter, Cersei is the queen of seven kingdoms as Qyburn announces, “I proclaim, Cersei of House Lannister, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, protector of the Seven Kingdoms.” While Daenerys is sailing to her home with her dragons Tyrion, Varys, Yara GreyJoy and Unsullied on her side. woaah what a scene! (war is coming)

the winds of winter


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