Game of Thrones Season 7 is around the corner


has been officially declared when the long awaited Season 7 of Game of thrones will be aired on HBO. We all start to live in the medium of suspense whenever a season ends because all the answers to our curiosities reside in the episodes of the upcoming seasons. This suspense doesn’t seem to go away until we’ll reach the very last episode of the last season (May Game of thrones lives forever).

Game of thrones has been very unpredictable since the very start and things are never obvious. Keeping this in mind I think there’s no weirdness in building up our own castle of hopes and guesses. This castle is all about shipping these characters together, wanting some to die and wanting some to rule… let’s make a short list of predictions that might come true, so here we go xDCersei-Daenerys Storm


Cersei-Daenerys Storm


Daenerys is sailing towards Westeros with her dragons and army while Cersei is on THE IRON THRONE, is pretty exciting because we all know that 2 powerful houses are going to confront each other as soon as The Queen Stormborn will reach kings landing where none of both the queens are going to surrender. Daenerys has power and ambitiousness in her blood while Cersei has nothing left to lose which has made her furious and fierce enough. These unbreakable queens are going to fight till their worse. #battleofqueens #season7


Jon-Bran Reunion


game of thrones

Bran has had enough of tough time along with Mera across the wall and he is beholding the biggest truth of Jon’s life. We’re eagerly expecting that Bran and Jon may reunite in Game of thrones season 7. Jon is a Targaryen. Waooh! The feeling of happiness it’s gives us, is so satisfying. None of us can surely wait for bran to live again with Jon and Sansa along with letting Jon know about his true identity. (Hopes are high)


Jamie-Tyrion meetup


game of thrones

Game of thrones Season 7 and Jamie is with Cersei while Tyrion is beside Daenerys. Both the brothers had built a good relationship while Tyrion was in the prison. As expected that there will be a battle of queens we’re pretty confused that how Jamie and Tyrion will deal with each other. Just making a guess, Jamie might negotiate to Tyrion and both of the brothers might collaborate because Jamie didn’t seem to be happy to see Cersei on Iron Throne as he already knows that things are soon going to get ruined due to evil queen.


The White Walker disaster


game of thrones

The most horrifying reality of Game of thrones to accept is “the long night is coming and the dead come with it”. By  Game of thrones season 7, when the seven kingdoms are already at war with each other and what if the white walkers break in through the wall. What will that disaster be like? Jon must somehow make this clear to all that the biggest calamity is yet to come. Well, there’s a gut feeling that Game of thrones season 7 might end on the point where THE DEAD will about to cross the wall, again leaving us in the state of curiosity and restlessness where Game of thrones season 8 will be everything we’d be asking for.

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