Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 “Dragonstone”

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 “Dragonstone”

Release date: July 18, 2017 (DE)
Director:  Jeremy Podeswa

In the opening sequence of the seventh season Jon Snow ( Kit Harrington ) lets the past rest to hold the north together. His highest goal: the defence against the White Hikers. There are, however, inconsistencies with Sansa Stark ( Sophie Turner ). Jons half-sister does not want to pardon the apostate houses of the north. What has already become apparent towards the end of the sixth season is solid: Sansa is no longer a game but wants to be a real player in the game of the throne.

Arya ( Maisie Williams ) is already in the game and carries out another train of her revenge. The result is a picture language, which recalls the “Red Bloodthorn” in Season 3 . The spit is slowly turned over. It seems as if the Starks are gaining top water. Jaime Lannister also fears it and advises Queen Cersei ( Lena Headey ) to look for allies. Their choice falls on Euron Graufreud, who promises Cersei a gift. This is probably the case with Tyrion’s head ( Peter Dinklage ), who lives with Daenery’s fleet. Can we expect a sea battle between Daenerys and Euron? That would be conceivable. And also quite epic.

But it is even epic in this episode: Daenerys Targaryen reaches Westeros. More precisely, “dragon stone”, the island of her forefathers. Long-term waiting has come to an end. Now it will be exciting: what will be their next steps? An indication that Jon and Daenerys are going to meet is Sam Tarly: A map tells him that dragon stone is a mountain of dragon glass. And that’s exactly what Jon needs. Because only dragon glass and valyrian steel can defeat the undead.

Conclusion: Episode 1 ‘Drachenstein’ 
The first episode offers a successful exposure, which can already have a goosebumps moment and introduce further exciting elements. Even if Cersei from the last season won as the winner, Drachenstein shows a faltering Haus Lannister, which will give dynamism to the progress of the season.

Overall rating: 81%

Game of Thrones: Season 7, Episode 1 – Drachenstein Review

Well, purely action-technically happens in “dragon stone” actually up to a bloody starting scene, in which Arya Stark simply times briefly the complete Frey family extinguishes, little. But it does not have to be, the explosive chaos of the last season is still in the bones after a year of waiting. Rather, we see Cersei and Jon Snow as they look for allies to be prepared for the war. Cersei finally finds a war-companion in the form of Euron Graufreud, the new Lord of the Iron Isles, who impressed her with his appearance and tears some jokes at the expense of Jamie, in the sense of “I have an army and two healthy hands”. Sure, Jamie does not like it. Jon has to deal with the fact that his half-sister Sansa is no longer so naive, As it was at the beginning of the series. And Daenerys? Well, she plays a small but important role in “dragon stone” – after all, she enters the land of her ancestors for the first time.

Game of Thrones: dragon glass and fire gods

While the new rulers of the seven kingdoms are making plans for the battle, their former companions have other problems. Samwell Tarly has travelled to the citadel to look for a remedy against the White Hikers. At the moment, however, he is allowed to sort latrines and books in shelves. This is even more fun to watch and for us the real highlight of the episode: Sam, as he asks himself in the rhythm of Würgereflex, Buchgeklapper and Latrinenwischen, whether he has made the right decision. In the end, he is still lucky and finds a dragon glass supply for Jon Snow, with which he can compete against the White Hikers. Unfortunately, there is the Dragonstone – the new seat of Daenerys. Sandor Clegane, on his journey to a house, In which he had already been – and not only his companions notice that he has now become another. The guest performance of musician Ed Sheeran, who sings a few lines and grills a squirrel, we neglect – it really does not matter.

So let’s summarize: you’re back! And how! “Drachenstein” is indeed a quiet sequence, but awakens the expectations of the rest of the season. We know who else wants to intervene in the game around the throne and where the person is. Clearly, if we answer Daenery’s final question “Shall We Begin” with only one very loud, “Yes!” to answer.

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