Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 – Review: Action! Just in time!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 – Review: Action! Just in time!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 - Review: Action! Just in time!

Game of Thrones 7 Episode 2 »Stormborn« ends with a bang as the first one started with one – but in between for quite a while does not happen much more than building up the following episodes.

This is not a pace that the series can do much longer. Season 7 has only seven episodes instead of the usual ten, but still, has to unravel a regular Gordian knot from action strings. But “Stormborn” comes along with more words instead of deeds – for they are often very excellent words.

Spoiler warning: In the episode review, including the “Stormborn” recap, I discuss the second episode of the seventh season, just like previous series events, and also include theories from the books.

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In Koenigsmund: The Despair of the Lannisters

Cersei continues their search for urgently needed allies against the invasion of Daenerys. And let’s say it could run better. When she was forced to negotiate with the unreliable pirate prince Euron Graufraud, she now wants to bring the vassals of Haus Tyrell to her side.

Nice detail: Where the assembled nobility had filled the throne until bursting, the few princes, who still react to Cersei’s calls (and are not yet dead!) Are now a rather sad figure. I have to agree with the Queen in this scene even in exceptional circumstances: She is right to warn Dany, who likes to be a hero and still brings a horde of branding and raping steppes to Westeros.

Cersei has to fight against Dan’s massive invasion.

Apart from this, however, the King Mouth scenes had little to offer. Jaime tries to win Sam’s brother Dickon and father Randyl from the Tyrells but still does not get any results.

The greatest disappointment is caused by Cersei’s Sinister’s henchman, Qyburn. His oh-so-clever weapon against the dragons? Nothing but a simple ballista! Will the Game of Thrones seriously point out that in centuries of the dragon warfare nobody had the idea to use heavy war equipment against them? I expected more from the man who turned Gregor Clegane into a monster!

Season 7

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On Dragonstone: Great and grand words

While Cersei calls her a destructive invasion (as I said, not without reason!), Dany at Drachenstein affirms her intention not to be the queen of a burnt land at any price. But can you believe her?

In Meereen she was still able to talk about abolishing slavery. But Westeros is only going to put them on a new war because she thinks she is the right to her birth. Varys sees in her the best chance for stability and peace, but she could not even guarantee that in a single city! So I wonder if she really is the ideal queen as she is being built.

Game of Thrones: Stormborn – Preview trailer for episode 2 of Season 7

The highlight of the Drachenstein scenes are all the great figures gathered here: Tyrion, Varys, Olenna, Melisandre – the fantastic dialogues must have been written by themselves!

Who is this? Great character guide to Game of Thrones

Includes a damn important note. Melisandre again brings the prophecy of the Prince, who was promised, into play. And Missandei replied that in the old Valyrian it could be the same princess. My theory: It was never Dany’s fate to end the series on the Iron Throne. For as Daario said, she was born more to conquest than to peaceful rulers. It is destined to strike the last battle against the night kings.

In Winterfell: There is something rotten in the state of the Starks

Dany is also unaware of diplomacy: she does not appoint Jon to conclude an alliance but to assure herself of his submission. It was so much nicer that Jon and Tyrion remembered their old friendship!

Jon and Littlefinger will probably not be friends anymore, but Jon is attacking the intriguers just as Eddard did, but that is not necessarily a good sign, because where did the Eddard come from?

But in Winterfell, the conflict continues. Jons Lords and his sister Sansa do not like to see him go to negotiate with the Targaryen invader. And leaving Sansa alone with Littlefinger as his deputy just can not be a good idea.

You know, the guy who just said Jon was just stupid in the face that he’d like to go to bed with Sansa AND her mother. Can not someone finally reveal that the guy was guilty of Eddard’s death? That would be the whole thing done!


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