Game of Thrones: Showrunner announces tough times for Jon and Daenerys

In Game of Thrones, most characters have never been so easy, but in the final season 8, it becomes even wilder – especially for the main character. The showrunner Benioff and Weiss in “Inside The Episode” told the last episode of Season 7.

At this point, we have to issue a warning: Here are some small spoilers about past episodes of Game of Thrones. If you do not want to know about it, then you should stop reading.

For many characters in Game of Thrones, it will be really exciting for the eighth and final season. This includes Jon and Daenerys Targaryen. Jap, since the last episode we know quite officially that Jon and Dany are related – and had sex with each other. Does this lead to a conflict in the following episodes? The show runners David Benioff and DB Weiss spoke in “Inside The Episode” on the last episode of Season 7.

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Game of Thrones: Sex with the aunt? Targaryen-style!

Anger is quite possible, because of not everyone in Westeros so relaxed with the theme “incest” (sex between blood relatives) around like the family Targaryen. After all, the two main characters in their own house have actually done everything right. This may not look like everyone. Is there perhaps even quarrelling and anger, because Jon is now the heir to the throne? Unlikely, but perhaps the makers of the series surprise us.

And what about the dispute-point Cersei Lannister? Is not she pregnant at all? The two showers also talked about this, and Cersei might just bluff: “She wanted him to see this bluff, that’s all part of her game. Cersei has become very good at this game to play.” According to prophecy, a child for Cersei is rather unlikely. But we have already discussed this in detail in an article.

What do you all mean? Is it also uncomfortable for the main characters of the White Hikers? On our Game-of-Thrones-themed page, you will learn everything about the series.


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