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We can expect anything from Game of Thrones. Yeah right! Game of Thrones season 6 episode 7:The Broken Man had a shocking entry for us that is of The Hound. Yes! Arya’s travel partner Sandor Clegane is alive even after loosing a brutal fight with Briene . (Well Arya should have helped him) but Game of thrones had its own plans for him xD

We found Sandor Clevane living with Westeros hippie and happy community led by brother Ray which was apparently his saviour. This man has changed, No?!? Well yes he has. He is no more that fighter but he is still as grumpy as ever. Calling him the Hound for now wouldn’t be fair because he has come up as the gentle lonely person.

game of thrones

NOW ! King’s Landing has a couple of other stories… let’s illuminate the one showed up in this scene of Margaery who is holding up her conversion, flawlessly. (Yes obviously we all know that Margaery is pretty cunning and she ain’t gonna let go off her crown and Queen title so easily). Well we see the High Sparrow telling her that she should not avoid her marital bed and it’s her duty to bless the crown with an heir. He also made her think over bringing The Queen of Thorns upon their faith. (No No she’s not gonna agree).

Margaery visited her grandmother certainly for the same purpose but despite in the strict supervision of Septa Unella she slipped a note in her grandmother’s hand with a hand drawn flower on it. Ahaaa Bull’s Eye!! This is where the suspense is gone and now we all openly know that YES Margaery has yet not given up over her Tyrell Faith. She’s just upto saving Loras. (Extraordinary)

game of thrones

Jon SCENE is on-review-screen! Wildlings are curious about the marching for fight to South. Jon bewares them with the reality that Boltons will be after wildlings once they are done with Jon but Tormund supports Jon by letting them all recall the time when Jon died for the wildlings and free folks owe so much to Jon. (MR T is the man).

Wildlings are behind him as Wun Wun calls out “Snow.”

Duh Cersei Vs Queen Olenna: *boom* Cersei tried to blame Olenna and feel her guilty about leaving loras behind but She’s way more cunning than anyone and back fired Cersei while making her remind that it was all her fault and She left as she can’t be the next victim of The High Sparrow.

game of thrones

On the very following scenario, Cersei is noticed to embrace all of her overconfidence and forcing Jamie to go for Riverrun while avoiding the fact that she’s in big time danger. Too much fierce and Impractical.

Jamie is upto Riverrun along with Lannister troops and fellow Bronn where Freys have noticed to have a mess by blackmailing blackfish with Edmure Tully to surrender the castle and Yes he arrogantly ignored it as he can’t give up until the end. Jamie takes over the command of the messed up siege and looked forward for the negotiations over terms with Blackfish. Jamie has built up some sense, Yeah I like him.

Off to the North, The Starks need alliances to fight the war at Winterfell and for this they seeked for help from the isolated Bear Island. The House Mormont led by A 10 year old lady Lyanna  being very rude and straight forward, refused to assist.  This is where Davos plays his part by persuading Lady Lyanna with his logical arguments and Lyanna  agreed to  share her fighting  men with them all 62 of them. BRAVO DAVOS !

game of thrones

Back to Riverrun! Jamie lost and Blackfish is still stuck on his point. Blackfish smashes Jamie’s Inner self by reminding him about what he has done in the past with the vow of protecting Stark girls. Blackfish didn’t come to surrender, he told to Jamie, he actually came to analyse Jamie’s personality and he was quite dispirited about it. Blackfish is A hero and his point of view about Jamie matters significantly.

game of thrones

Swapping scenes is mandatory! Back to North… Starks faced a failure in convincing Lord Robett Glover as he was already backed by boltons and he couldn’t stab them back for which Sansa all the way like her mother furiously challenged Glover that to him House Stark is dead and this man is really going to regret it because someday Starks are going to rise up again.

Volantis is where we are standing momentarily… Yara along with her men is celebrating while Theon is quite uncomfortable with the environment. Yara couldn’t control herself anymore and spilled encouraging lecture on her brother and surprisingly it was proven to be helpful for him. Theon gathered all of his broken self-confidence and stands up for his own existence and people. Time for Ironborn Siblings to ace their way to Queen Denaerys.

game of thrones

On their way to take back The Winterfell, Starks have managed to add a little number of soldiers in their army which is not enough for them to fight though. Sansa isn’t satisfied with the number and strategy of Jon which forces her to take her own decision for survival and victory over Boltons. She sent a raven which seems to be received by Littlefinger. Oh yeah we also have Knights of The Vale, Man.

The script now moved to the Happy Village place where under Brother Ray everyone is happily working and having lunch where Brother Ray tries to snuggle into the seriousness of Sandor Clegane and it’s just a usual conversation when three weirdos on the back of their horses ride in the village and from their faces they seem to look like nothing less than ruffians. Yes they’re from the Brotherhood without Banners but what’s that bad feeling I’m getting from their entrance?

game of thrones

Ray-Sandor conversation was very rational and logistic not only in the sense of the series but also for real life:

“Violence is a disease; you don’t cure it by spreading it to more people.”

“You don’t cure it by dying either,” Sandor replies.

Is that The Hound speaking or Sandor ? OH MY MY…

Well what are they upto?? They both seem like looking forward towards a common human life with no more fights and killing. But it’s GAME OF THRONES and the shows plays over the unstoppable wheel of violence and arrogance.

Oh finally we’ve got to talk about BraavosArya is approaching her way back to westeros. She is rooming in the city unarmed and unprotected even when she knows that she has a day to kill. In the bright day while standing on bridge she’s been followed by an old women who unfortunately stabbed her over and over again. As she couldn’t attack back in the mean time all she could do for survival was to jump off into water and disappeared. Who would that old woman be?? Duh The Waif obviously she was behind her and she appeared to be satisfied with her work.

game of thrones

I fear that this would come up as the end of Arya Stark as she’s wandering in the streets of Braavos, bleeding badly and helplessly.

Jaqen gave an impression of being humble to Arya then How he could command her assassination and what’s the point of not letting her suffer? How could she not? She’s badly wounded, she’s suffering. She’s suffering since she has left Home. Well I am still not hopeless.. there’s something else…

On our way switched back to Westeros: Happy Village. Those three men destructed the village while Sandor was luckily or unluckily away for chopping wood. Luckily in a sense that he survived and unluckily in a sense that if he was there he would have saved them all. Upon his return everyone including Ray was dead. Sad.

game of thrones

There it is ! SANDOR GRABS HIS AXE and he has his arrogance back on his face. VENGEANCE VENGEANCE.. The Hound is alive again because the fate isn’t letting  Sandor survive…


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