How To Make Single Name Account Or Hide Last Name On Facebook

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Make Single Name Facebook Account : Are you searching for the same ? then you are at right page. yes… today in this tutorial i am going to hare an awesome trick to Create facebook Account with Single Name’. As you all know facebook is very popular now as a social media network. everyone use facebook as chatting and sharing ideas purpose. so peoples use fb accounts with fake names. yet now facebook doesn’t allow to keep single name on any account. whenever you try to create fb account with single name it show an error that blank space not allow so you have to fill your last name while creating facebook account. Don’t worry if you wants to use single name fb account then here is the trick for this. Below I am sharing the tutorial on ‘How To Make Single Name Facebook Account.


How To Make Single Name Facebook Profile

Facebook is most popular social network among youngsters. everyone have fb account except someone who did’t know how to use facebook. It have billions of users all around the world. It have some terms and conditions and according to these conditions and policies facebook doesn’t allow their users to create fb account with single name. some peoples didn’t create facebook account because of this reason but don’t worry now you can Create Facebook Single Name Profile by following below steps. so let’c checkout the tutorial.

Make Single Name Fb account

We have already shared trick to Change fb Profile name before 60 Days. also checkout this. most of you have already searched on google or any other search engine for the trick to Make Single Name fb Account but on google only few methods are shared by some websites which require PC and google chrome for pc software. but if you are searching for the method to create single name fb profile using mobile phone then this article surely help you. to use this trick you have no any requirement to use PC you can simply make single name Facebook account.

You have already tried every possible trick to use single name on fb but if now also you are unable to hide last name in Fb then don’t worry, after reading this article you can simply use single name on Fb account. so without wasting your time let’s checkout the tutorial for which you are waiting for. Here below are two methods one method require PC to create single name fb account while in another method you have no need of PC you can simply Hide Last name On Fb by using your android phone. Also Check – Boys Fb DPs.

Use Single Name On Facebook Profile

Many facebook users try to insert some tweaks in their facebook profile and for that they use Stylish Name, Stylish DPs , Auto Likes on Facebook and activate Bot Comments on their account. some of you have also wants to make single name id on facebook or wants to hide last name in Facebook profile but this isn’t a simple task because yet now Facebook doesn’t provide any feature to create Single name id, if you try to do that it will show you an error or a warning. But as you know nowadays solution for every problem is available. yes to use Single Name Id on facebook i have found Cool and easy trick by which you can simply Hide Your Last Name in Facebook Profile. I am sharing Two Methods for this trick which are well working and personally tested by me on my Facebook you can see every step with screenshots below. Also Checkout- Activate Fb Bot Comments.

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Note : Before Trying Below methods must check that you haven’t changed your your facebook Profile name in Last 60 Days.

Method 1 : Make Single Name Facebook Account (New)

this is the simplest method to use single name on facebook profile. In this method you don’t need PC or google chrome for Pc. you can use your android phoe to follow the steps. Below i am sharing step by step method to Create Single Name Facebook Account 2017 with screenshots and Proof. so let’s checkout.

First of all go to below URL in Google Chrome browser in Android.

Now Go to Settings & Privacy from below the page.


Single name Fb ID

Now Select Language Option.

make-single name-fb-account

Make Single Name Fb Account

Now In Language Settings Tap on ‘Show Facebook In this language‘ Option.

Now Select Tamil Language and save settings.


Create single name Fb Account

Now Go To Settings >> General and change your Profile Name and leave Last Name Box Blank.

Now Click on Review Changes and then, it will ask your account password enter it and click on save change.


Hide Last Name In Facebook Account

Proof Of Single Name Facebook ID 


Single Name Facebook Profile

 so this is the simplest method to create single name facebook account. i hope you understood well by above steps and screenshots also. so guys this is the easiest method i have found. below i am sharing one more method to use single name fb profile you can also check this. and don’t worry 2nd method is also well working and personally tested by me so you have no need to worry about it. We have also shared ‘How To Unfriend All Fb Friends Once‘ so also checkout this.

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Method 2 : Make Single Name On Facebook Profile (Chrome Extension).

This is the old method which is mostly used by every facebook user to make single name facebook account. In this method you need a pc and a google chrome browser in it. if you haven’t installed Google Chrome for PC then, download it first and then follw these below steps.

First Of All Add Hola VPN Extension in your Chrome Browser (Download it from

From the Top right menu of your browser Turn Hola Browser ‘On‘.

Select Country as Indonesian proxy in hola extension.

Now at the top right corner, you will see Indonesian flag icon i.e. you have successfully changed your IP Address.

After changing IP address you need to change your facebook language to Bahasa Indonesia. So let’s follow the steps given below to change your Facebook language and Make Facebook Profile with single Name.

Make Single Name FB Profile

Go To and Login to your facebook account .

Now Go to Settings>> Language, and choose Bahasa Indonesia language from the list.

No Your default facebook language has been change. No you can hange your profile name and make it single name by removing last name. To Make Facebook Profile with single Name follow below steps.

Go to Facebook Settings >> General and check your Name and click on edit Button.

Now Enter your First Name and leave Last name box empty and click on Review Changes.

Done… You Have successfully Created Single name Profile on Facebook.

Now again change your default facebook language and your IP Address to original one.

Enjoy Single Name Facebook Profile.

So this is one more method to create single name facebook account. i hope you enjoyed this. this method is not popular nowadays. everyone use 1st Method to create single name profile because it s simply and easy to use. you can use any of these methods. both the methods i have shared are well working.

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Last Word : 

Many Other Sites have already shared Trick to ‘Create Single Name fb Profile‘ and there are thousands of such websites available on google with Single Name facebook Profile Trick. but not,all of them are working till now. there are only few sites which update their articles with latest trick. Most of the sites you will see were not updated from years and their methods and tutorials not working Now. But Don’t worry I have shared both the methods which are working. before sharing i have personally tested both the methods on my facebook Profile and i have also shared a Proof of ‘Single Name Facebook Profile above. Now I think you have no need to search for any trick related to How to Create Single Name Profile on Facebook after reading this cool article.

Finally you got the Trick to ‘Hide Last Name On Facebook’ I hope you learned something new from this article. Guys tis method is well Working and it is the only trick to use single Name Fb Profile. this is the fastest and coolest trick to make single name fb account. i have shared two methods, you can use any of them which one you like. both the methods are easy to use. the only thin you need to do is to change your Facebook language to Tamil Language, that’s it. i think you can’t find more easier trick on google then this. If still you are getting any problem, then feel free to comment below i will try my best to solve your problems.

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