Monster Hunter World: Update 1.05 Download – Patch | changes & bugfixes

Monster Hunter World: Update 1.05 Download – Patch | changes & bugfixes

Capcom releases the Monster Hunter World Patch 1.05 on PS4 and on Xbox One for download. In the changelog several bugfixes are listed. With the update, the developers fix among other things a bug in the hunting group function on PS4. Recently, players also reported that they had not received the “5 Million Object Package”. 

With the new Monster Hunter World Patch, the bug should be a thing of the past. What’s also changing, you’ll find in the article – we keep the information from the patch notes ready.

Players of Monster Hunter World ( buy now for 59,90 € )get access to patch 1.05 for PS4 and on Xbox One. The updates are available as usual in PSN and via Xbox Live as a download. On PS4, the developers make about a correction in the hunting group function. Players reported last time from the error message: “The reception of the hunting group information has failed. Please wait and try again later.”

Capcom was able to fix the problem, but had to reset the hunting group data of affected players. The data will disappear at the next login. “We sincerely apologize for these inconveniences and ask that we re-establish hunting groups and invite players whose data has been deleted,” writes Capcom.

 In rare cases Monster Hunter World on PS4 allowed unregistered non-hunting group members to join a hunting group online session. This issue has also been resolved. However, players outside a hunting group can still participate in hunting group online sessions through a friend invitation or online session ID search. In the changelog for the Monster Hunter World Update 1.05 Capcom lists further bugfixes. Recently, there was a problem that prevented some players from receiving the “5 Million Object Package”. After downloading the update the bug should be fixed. The availability of the package has been extended until February 22nd.
Monster Hunter World: Update 1.05 Download - Patch | changes & bugfixes
AdTech AdIn addition, the patch will display bug fixes for decorations, the “sell objects” option, and bow gun ammo. With the update, the developers reduce the number of slit berries in the object bag from 60 to 30. Players with currently more than 30 berries can use them until the number falls to the reduced maximum. The elder seal calculation for dragon capsules has also been adjusted. The full changelog for the new Monster Hunter World Update can be found on the Capcom website. You will find current tips, guides and solutions via the following links.

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