“PUBG”: – We have discovered a new cheating pattern | Tips

"PUBG": - We have discovered a new cheating pattern | Tips

“PUBG”: – We have discovered a new cheating pattern | Tips

It’s in a new post from developers Bluehole that they talk about how they analyzed data logs and found new cheating patterns.Through this test we have managed to identify 100,000 cases of a new pattern originating from cheating, it’s mentioned in the post.

All the identified accounts will be closed with immediate effect, they will write.

Trays data logs

This thinks they are also a good example of how they approach cheating outside of the normal anti-drug systems they have in place.

– We will continue to check data logs in this way, although it means the anti-cheat team must manually filter hundreds of bills of data logs.

“In addition, we are investigating the possibilities of incorporating a new solution to track and exclude more cheaters and have strengthened security systems, called it.

They should also have discovered an error in the reprisal system, where it seems that the players cheat because the weapon has no recoil. This should be a mistake in the system and not be related to cheating.

Testing new blue circles

At the same time, they are using the opportunity to tell them that they are now balancing the blue circles and that rolling out changes on the test servers.

The waiting time for the blue zones from the middle of the game to the end will be shorter, while the circles will move slower in the same period.

In addition, the last circle now makes a little more damage.

The new circles will be tested over several days, and several adjustments may be based on data and feedback.

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