Real Cricket 18 For PC Windows 10/8/7 – FREE DOWNLOAD

Real Cricket 18 For PC Windows 10/8/7 – FREE DOWNLOAD

Real Cricket 18 For PC Windows 10/8/7 Free DOWNLOAD. Top 5 Ways to Play Android Games on PC (Laptop & Mac) – [100% Working].

Real Cricket 18 Description

Real Cricket 18 – Good news for all gamers! Nautilus Mobile has come up with a new sports adventure in Real Cricket 18. Yes, you are thinking right! As the game name suggests the new game is based upon one of the most famous sports, cricket and man it is a treat for all out there.

The players, through this Real Cricket 18 game, will experience all entire cricket experience. Be it batting, bowling or fielding you can encounter everything, that too without actually going to the field. The gameplay is amazingly crafted with some top-notch visual quality and of course stupendous controls.

there’s no shortage of cricket games, yet great games absolutely are rare. Our rundown of the best cricket games of 2017 wasn’t long and Real Cricket 17 was a good say. Indian designer Nautilus Games’ chief cricket game presently is Real Cricket 18 and we chose to play the game to see whether it’s superior to its antecedent.

Real Cricket 18 is a fresh out of the box new game based on another motor, as indicated by the designer. That makes it not quite the same as the numerous Real Cricket 17 turn offs accessible on Android and iOS including Real Cricket Test Match and Real Cricket Premier League.

Real Cricket 18 is another section in the fundamental arrangement and includes many new highlights to the game. Nautilus appears to have attempted to make Real Cricket 18 look and feel a ton like a live TV communicate of a cricket coordinate.

Each game starts with an aeronautical shot of the city as the camera actually flies into the stadium. Everything from the hurl to the activity replays looks much more like TV communicates, and there’s even a pre-and mid-game show where purported specialists offer their musings on the game.

While the aim certainly is to reproduce a fantastic TV communicate, the outcome is definitely not that. Real Cricket 18’s visuals are simply too low-quality for the opening shot to look great. It looks more like a game from the 90s with blocky structures and vehicles as the camera moves into the stadium.

We can pardon certain components like the general population in the stadium actually looking like cardboard patterns, yet we can’t perceive any reason why the engineer would include a pre-coordinate show where the moderators make some fairly non-specific remarks.

The show doesn’t add anything to Real Cricket 18 as the specialists’ remarks don’t specify player names or anything particular about the game.

When you begin a match, Real Cricket 18 turns into the game you generally knew Real Cricket 17 to be. The gameplay is strong and another swipe-based control conspire makes it simple for fledgelings to bat and bowl.

The exemplary on-screen catch based reenactment controls are still there in the game for idealists, yet we favour swiping to play shots as it feels better on cell phones. Batting and knocking down some pins both feel similarly adjusted regarding trouble. There’s a catch on screen for you to play lobbed shots, however, generally all batting is controlled by means of swipes.

The gameplay is very pleasant in general. We, for the most part, don’t care for knocking down some pins in portable cricket games, however, Real Cricket 18 makes it somewhat less dull on account of its assortment.

There is a wide assortment of bowlers whose activities are very much rendered regardless of whether each sort of bowler just has one non-specific activity. The game has a wide range of kinds of conveyances, for example, off-shaper, vagabond, and flipper, and the activities for each of these is very realistic. This made us bowl significantly more than expected in this game.

You can likewise alter the field and bowl appropriately, a system that works sensibly well on the off chance that you can execute it. Taking wickets isn’t simple however it is conceivable to chop down the stream of runs and power batsmen into committing errors. We delighted in batting and in addition, there’s a sufficient assortment of shots accessible for you to browse.

Real cricket 18 Play Now:

The handling AI is quite normal, however, and we felt that bowlers could handle happier their very own rocking the bowling alley.

Commonly the bowler let the ball keep running past him to another defender when he could’ve effectively handled it. We saw comparative goof-ups with different defenders as well as it felt like the game was following a pre-composed content from the minute you play a shot instead of having receptive handling.

Nautilus’ offered to reproduce a communicated encounter has a few inadequacies as well. We felt that after a batsman hits a shot, the game moves in moderate movement. We continued longing for game speed to be a tiny bit higher. It would victimize Real Cricket 18 of a portion of its better true to life minutes, for example, the ball cruising out of the stadium for six runs, yet we’d appreciate the game more as well.

We likewise didn’t care for the discourse by any stretch of the imagination. This game has English and Hindi editorial, however the sound quality is extremely poor. We could hear a murmur ordinarily when the pundit was talking. We saw this a considerable measure when we played the game while wearing earphones. On the off chance that you play without earphones, you’re more averse to see it.

The analysis likewise doesn’t add much to the game with nonexclusive proclamations, for example, “You can expect a great deal of slower balls.” The critique feels totally counterfeit all through the game as the minute the batsman contacts the ball, the reporter dependably appears to comprehend what will occur straightaway.

For example, you can play a shot and tune in to the observer to anticipate the result. In the event that it’s a six, he’ll uncover it the minute the ball hits the bat. In the event that the reporter doesn’t state anything instantly after you hit a hurled shot, you’ll be gotten at the limit.

Real cricket 18 – Drs Real Cricket 18:

Real Cricket 18 is an allowed to-play game and Nautilus has added a membership part to in-application buys. You can pay Rs. 49 every month to Rs. 219 every month for different advantages, for example, no promotions, opening all competitions, and the capacity to play two-and five-over matches.

The membership is discretionary and you can purchase in-game cash — tickets — for real cash as well. It costs Rs. 79 for 5 tickets and Rs. 799 for 100. Other in-application buys let you open gear, dispose of advertisements, and open everything for up to Rs. 1,949.

The monetisation in Real Cricket 18 isn’t excessively forceful, which is something to be thankful for. We saw a promotion each five overs and between the innings. Notwithstanding, not enabling individuals to play two-and five-over matches without achieving levels five and four separately feels like somewhat of a cash get (as you can open that by paying real cash).

The in-game cash is tickets and you can either purchase these with real cash or in-game coins (2,400 coins for every ticket). You require tickets to open more competitions and advancement through to the game’s last competition — the World Cup.

We think the framework isn’t excessively troublesome, however it backs off advancement enough to influence you to think about paying. In the event that you need to play on the hard or master trouble modes, you should update player abilities, which should be possible by paying with tickets.

We’re not huge fanatics of this sort of a monetisation framework yet it’s the value you pay in most allowed to-play portable games.

Generally speaking, Real Cricket 18 is a respectable game however we think World Cricket Championship 2 is the better game by and large. The last has much better editorial, extraordinary gameplay, and highlights all organizations of cricket in one game. All things considered, Real Cricket 18 merits looking at yet it needs to up its game to go up against the best in the business.

Real Cricket 18 Pros:

  • Gameplay;
  • Some cinematics;
  • Rocking the bowling alley;
  • Basic controls;

Real Cricket 18 Cons:

  • Normal visuals;
  • Poor analysis;
  • Handling AI;
  • Pre-coordinate show;

Real Cricket 18 Game Download: Play as a batsman or bowler and master the style of each player and see how things turn out. Learn to master various batting types; Defensive, Radical or Brute and show your aggression on to the field.

Moreover, a being a bowler you can learn various techniques such as; Off Spinner, Arm Ball, Top Spinner, Doosra, Leg Cutters along with In-Swingers and Slower Balls. Their options are tremendous!

Real Cricket 18 Game For PC Download: Undoubtedly, the stadium setup infused in the game is extremely authentic and gives you a real feel. This definitely, helps in enhancing the game spirits. Apart from that, you must focus on winning matches to level up the game to be able to experience more fun that awaits you.


Presently open game modes and things by playing the game and step up. The higher the level the a greater amount of the game you need to appreciate.


Experience the game with transmission level introduction and a shiny new look and feel.


Stall out in and crush out through the intense minutes. Hitting sixes in no more a bit of cake. Ace Cricket reenactment taking care of business.

Activity, DRAMA and SLEDGING

Be a piece of key fights between players. Connect with the restriction players with some mind games.


Get extraordinary player faces, incredible looking group shirts with numbers on the back!


The best in class and most real Decision Review System is presently included. Likewise, Experience Third Umpire referrals for Run Outs and Stumpings.


Real Cricket hardware gave by amazing makers – Gray-Nicolls and SS Cricket.


A Brand new game motor created from zero and improved to give the truest experience ever!


Out of the blue, feel the distinction between different batsmen and their styles of play with Batting Types – Defensive, Balanced, Radical and Brute, each with their interesting cricket shots and hostility levels making it a standout amongst other games in World Cricket


Presently have an arms stockpile of knocking down some pins conveyances to look over, for example, Off Spinner, Arm Ball, Top Spinner, Doosra, Leg Cutters, In-Swingers, Slower Balls and some more.


Experience the most real and live stadiums. Every stadium giving a one of a kind vibe and ensured to give an affair unique in relation to the next.


Play from the eyes of the batsman and feel the excite of the ball rushing towards you at 90 MPH. Bat yourself into shape and show nerves in pivotal minutes!

Go to Google Play Store and Follow the given method in the article to be able to Play Real Cricket 18 on PC with the help of an Android Emulator installed in Windows 8.1, 7, 10 or XP.

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Recommended Tools to Play “Real Cricket 18” on PC

  1. KingRoot: This is a root tool for Android devices. | Link
  2. Lucky Patcher: This is a tool to modify app permissions. | Link
  3. Fake GPS Pro: This tool is to hide your location. The professional version is available at $5 on the Google Play store. | Link

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That’s why you can Download Free version From Below!

You can still find the APK file for free: but not recommendable. | Link

How to Download “Real Cricket 18” on PC (Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ 8.1/ XP/ Laptop/ Desktop)

How to Download “Real Cricket 18” on PC (Windows) – Easy Guide

Step 1: 

Play “Real Cricket 18” on PC (Windows & Laptop)

Step 2: 

Simply pick any of the emulators from links below 

Recommended > Bluestacks (Link Below)


Download | link

Alternatives For Bluestacks

  • Download: I-Padian  | Link
  • Download: Andy Emulator | link

Download & Install Run KingRoot

Download & Install Run KingRoot

Optimize it’s setting by clicking on the security button & close it!

Download & Install Lucky Patcher to Play “Real Cricket 18”

Run Lucky Patcher inside Lucky Patcher, go to Rebuild & install, then head to sd-card >> Windows >> BstSharedFolder.

What you have to do is to select the APK file for FakeGPS and Install as a System App.

Confirm Yes to install.

Download & Install Run Lucky Patcher

Check Your Location Settings

While using BlueStacks, click the cogwheel & select Settings.

Go to Location, and set the Mode to High accuracy.

Any Windows GPS service needs to be disabled as it can Create mess with BlueStacks Emulator.

In Windows 10, press [Windows key + I] to enter the Settings app, then head to Privacy > Location and the Location for this device is set to be Off.

Check Your Location Settings

Troubleshooting Tips For “Real Cricket 18”

In Windows 10/ 8/ 7, make sure that the Location for this device is Off.

In FakeGPS, Expert Mode should be enabled.

In location settings, Reconfirm that Google Location History is Off and Mode is set at High accuracy.

Launch FakeGPS and join a new fake location.

Use a location you have visited already on your Android or iOS device.

Restart BlueStacks and try again.

Best User Experience in [Real Cricket 18]

Playstation/ Xbox Controller:

“Real Cricket 18” for PC already underpins your most loved game reassure controllers

Coordinated Sensors:

All the valuable controls for the game can work close by your Mobile [Device] and your PC controller

Multi-contact control bolster:

All Andy OS applications are gyroscopic control delicate. Take the game anyplace and remain in control with your Mobile! Swipe, tap and tilt all you need!

Console Mapping support: 

Console gamers can appreciate the genuine work area involvement with their most loved Android applications.

Cell Phone as Joystick:

Download the different application to control “Real Cricket 18” game more than ever!

Hottest Updates

Work area Push Notifications:

Get the most recent notice alarms coming straight from Google Play even while playing on cross-stage mode.

Engineers’ Facebook bolster:

Got any inquiries? Associate through Facebook and get constant help and data from Andy’s specialized group.

Complete all Quests

Open Local File System (Android): 

Launch your Mobile applications with this component.

Cloud Save Feature (Android):

Get boundless capacity so you never again require to erase applications in your gadget.

Application match up to Mobile. All the spared settings, advance, in-application buys are synchronized to your Mobile or PC at whatever point you require them.

Incorporated Camera and Microphone:

Accomplish more with applications with the implicit amplifier and camera bolster. Launch “Real Cricket 18” on PC along with your informing administration, internet-based life and photograph altering applications.

Google Play Store. All the applications & games are available at Google Play store!

Experience Monitor (Desktop)

Windows 7/8 and Mac OSX capacity.

Andy OS works with any work area program and synchronizes everything else specifically to the open programming application.

Full Android User Interface.

For all intents and purposes investigate your Android gadgets interface in a considerably bigger screen for an extreme game execution.

OpenGL Hardware, ARM and X86 local applications proficient. Andy OS is the most unique versatile work area emulator in the business.

Run applications from PC.

Brings all your most loved applications for excitement, gaming and correspondence in one open intense stage.

Enjoy “Real Cricket 18” on Computer!

Source: Google Play Store | Link



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