What to do when you need to clear your scratch disk

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Sometimes happens that even the most reliable programs give out some errors. In this article, we will consider the following error “Your request could not be completed because the disk scratches are full”. We offer you to familiarize with the reason of this problem and possible ways how to eliminate it. This error may appear when you try to open a photo for editing. 

What to do when you need to clear your scratch disk

What can be a reason for this error? 

It can arise because you have simultaneously opened a large number of photos in Photoshop or you are processing a large number of layers, which leads to the fact that there is not enough place on a scratch disk. Maybe you really have filled up the work disk. First, you need to check it and even if you can see quite a lot of space there, you might notice that on the scratch disk it is still not enough. You can observe such a situation because Photoshop records every step of editing and creates a temporary file, that is needed to record the intermediate results performed in the program. 

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How to cope with this mistake? 

1. Limit the quantity of states history 

You can free the space of a local disk and extend its productivity by limiting the number of history steps. The number of pixels can influence the space for saving, that is changing according to the corresponding operation. 

photoshop scratch disk full

The capacity of history states in Photoshop runs up to thousand. To reduce this value, pass to the Productivity Parameters dialog box, choose “History and a cache”, “States history”. and drag the slider to a lower value if necessary. In addition, you can specify the number of states that will be stored in the History palette. To do this, go to the main menu, select File -> Preferences -> General. On the right-hand side, there is the option History States (number of states), type the desired number of recorded states. 

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2. Clean the memory 

If there is a problem, that is connected with the lack of space on the local disk, the best solution would be to clean it. Clearing the memory on the regular basis you can boost significantly the performance of the system. You have many options to do it: 

“Edit”> “Clear”> “All” 

“Edit”> “Clear”> “Cancel” 

By pressing the “Option” key (Mac OS), select About Photoshop CC. 

If other programs are actively trying to allocate or use the memory, clearing the unused memory in Photoshop will help to increase the system productivity. Clearing the space of the scratch disk will be very useful if their free space in the catalog is not enough. The program can open the next large file more slowly than usual after you have cleaned up a sizable part of memory and space on the disk, as Photoshop will allocate the space that was freed. It will happen only by the first opening, so there is no reason to worry. 

photoshop for mac

In order to make the cleaning process more safe and easy, we recommend using the app CleanMyMac. This application allows cleaning your Mac from the various system and user garbage, starting with cache files and finishing with superfluous program code and localizations. It is the tool that controls a common condition of your Mac. Due to optimization, improvement of work and establishing the order of different levels of complexity, it won’t allow your Mac to be killed with garbage and to slow down. More information you can read on this page https://macpaw.com/how-to/clear-your-scratch-disk

3. Use the fast hard drive with a large number of free space 

If your system is not able to process all the image data you have, the Photoshop application reads and saves image data on the hard disk. In order make the Photoshop work more productive, apply with the hard drive with a high speed of data transmission. For the latest version of Photoshop, at least 2.5 GB (Windows) or 3.2 GB (Mac OS) of free disk space is required. And in the course of installation it is required even more space, so Adobe recommends to allocate more place on the hard drive for virtual memory and scratch disk. 

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Author: Syed Naqi