Wonderbook: Book of Spells For PC Download | Review & Updates

Wonderbook: Book of Spells Review & Updates

 It’s easy to understand how someone has got the idea of “Wonderbook: Book of Spells”. I hear a voice in the distance – “What if you can browse an interactive” Harry Potter “book and use the motion controller as a magic wand?”.

I assume that the ties around the table had fever fantasies that the financial crisis evaporated after a properly expected formula.

And it seems to be a product born in desperation – neither a good game nor a book. It’s not even a good interactive book, if you choose to call it.

Not good book or good game

«Wonderbook: Book of Spells» lacks the basic game mechanisms to be motivating, and is also anemic when it comes to the “Harry Potter” universe that it appears as a product from an automated adventure machine.

Thus, only in the “Harry Potter” universe through the Pottermore initiative, we know that this universe has more distinctive character.

The recognizable aesthetic and charm of the series we love is completely absent and most reminiscent of something that has been laid in the hands of someone who does not know the source material.

See for yourself that “Monty Python” was recorded in Estonia.

The goal is to teach you a variety of spells, both to express the decision and to make the right move with the wand.

But once you’ve learned your fourth well-known spell formula and have 26 left, you soon realize that it’s very monotonous and looking forward to finally using them for something “proper”.

However, never happens – the feeling you get of training you up to the proper game never comes.

In this way, it’s more like a magic-for-dummies than an interesting deep dive in the Harry Potter universe.

Sharmeless and unattractive

The background stories you get about each magic formula are missing the subtle and charming humor the series is known for, and you’re just wondering how to skip (change page in book).

The back also requires a repair after having taken a few hours on the floor in front of this “book”, because you almost do. It also requires a certain amount of light to work properly – nothing too dark little thugs, that is.

You are starting to look for motivations for learning and exercising on these spell formulas, which takes about three hours – so once you get through the five chapters it’s all over.

The closest thing to you is a micro game “tailor made” every magic formula, but that’s so primitive and simple that I can not even see that six-year-olds will be engaged. The bosses at the end of each chapter can also be handled with one hand in the popcorn bowl and the other on the “wand”.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells Review & Updates

For whom?

That way, I do not understand who the target audience should be. Players will not find the game elements interesting. The content of the source material is so lean that it almost feels offensive to those who have read one or more “Harry Potter” books.

Had it been an interactive lexicon, it could quickly become like a treasure chest of treats from the books we love, but instead it appears as an unattractive sign-by-number exercise.

The game leans too much on technology, but it is no longer “magical” to see itself mixed with gaming environments on the TV or that the hand controller is turned into a wand on the screen.

In the conception of this idea should someone ask the question “why?”.

Is there anything wrong with books in today’s form? Do they lack anything that video games can compliment? Of course, they have no interactivity, but what’s the game missing from books then?

Let’s just call a stool for a stool – interactive books are really very simple games. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as it’s well made or has an interesting approach.

In this case, it could be resolved that the book had told you a story you could influence with spells, usually in the same line as “Heavy Rain” or “The Walking Dead”. But again … what do we really do with this book?

It does not really happen on the screen.

NB! Some of the developer images are highly misleading to what quality the PlayStation Eye camera will render on the TV.

«Wonderbook: Book of Spells» is released to PlayStation 3 on November 14th. It also requires a PlayStation Eye camera and a Move controller.

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